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chi kung exercises pdf

[PDF] Qigong For Health And Vitalitypdf - Paula Daunt

chi kung exercises pdf Chapter  Please use my Chi Kung Video Instruction Program for detailed instruction The internal energy cultivation exercises taught in PERSONAL POWER your mind and your energy reach your genitals due to manual stimulation,  This is one of the simplest Tai Chi and Qi Gong

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Chapter  Please use my Chi Kung Video Instruction Program for detailed instruction The internal energy cultivation exercises taught in PERSONAL POWER your mind and your energy reach your genitals due to manual stimulation, 

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[PDF] Qigong For Health And Vitalitypdf - Paula Daunt

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by Gary J. Clyman

Dedication #1
Dedication #2
Contribution To Clyman's Book by Frank Ranz, January 1989

Chapter #1 - In Perspective
o Joseph Laronge - Trial Attorney & Martial Artist
o Robert Fabino Ph.D. - Psychologist
o Gilbert C. Carroll M.D. - Scientist
o Larry Michalski - Serious Tai Chi Student
o Learn What To Look For In A Chi Kung Teacher
o What Kind Of People Are Attracted To This System
o Many Martial Artists Come To Work With Me
Clyman's "4 Unbreakable Rules" For Success And Results
What Are "Chi Kung Veterans?"
How Does Chi Kung Relate To Zen Meditation?
The Chiropractic / Chi Kung Connection
Chi Sensations Could Be Structurally Explained
Sitting Forms With The Mind Training
Your Energy Is Directed By Your Intention (WILL)
Defining The Issues: Focus And Applications
The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum of Its Parts
"Meditation" Is Not What You Think
You Are The Center Of Your Universe
Do Other Kinds Of Exercise Get These Results?
The Chi Kung Technique In A Nut Shell
The Chi Kung / Acupuncture Relationship
Learn From Chinese Anatomical Charts
The Conception And Governing Vessel Involvement
The Best Time To Practice Is Early Morning
A Little Chi Kung Is Better Than NO Chi Kung
Suck Everywhere But When You're Driving
Drinking Cold Liquids Harms Your Internal Energy
You Should Not Practice Chi Kung After Eating
Good Urgency? Re-Capturing The Eye Of The Tiger
"Hands on, Transfer of Power" And Self-Punishment
"Listening to Radio Programs Can Be Harmful"
The Three Treasures - Chi, Jing, and Shen
A Second Explanation Of Chi, Jing, and Shen
Creating Results: Impregnating The Universe
Tai Chi vs. Chi Kung: What's The Difference?
Chi Kung Moving Energy "With Your Mind"
More About The Tai Chi / Chi Kung Comparison
"Gold Bel Training" In The Martial Arts Only
"Esoteric Explanations"? No Way!
Chiropractic: Normalizing Faulty Body Mechanics
How To Speed Up The Healing Process
To Be Old and Healthy Is Not Just A Dream
What is The Difference Between Life and Death?
The Nuclear Threat Has Damaged A Few Generations
Conscious Death - The Best Way To Go
Death Causes Emotional Problems In The Living
Death Issues: An Emotional Epidemic
Different Responses To "Hands On, Transfer Of Power"
Hands On, Transfer Of Power by Joseph Kalal D.C.
"Hands On, Transfer Of Power" Specific Results
"Hands On" Works Best When You Practice
The Procedure: Hands On, Transfer Of Power
Domineering Mothers Have Left Their Marks
If You Can't Live Here, Where Can You Live?
Cigarette Smoking Equals Slow Death
General Principles Of "The Technique"
The Technical Ingredients Of Chi Kung

Chapter #3 - Please use my Chi Kung Video Instruction Program for detailed instruction.
Emotional Visualizations While Sitting
Emotionally Dysfunctional Families Are Very Common
Keep Drinking & Keep Missing The Boat
Identifying With Pleasure Instead Of Pain
Chi Kung Is The Perfect Positive Addiction
Personal Applications For Stabilization
The Invisible Gap - The Body / Mind Separation
The Problems With "Astral Projecting"
"Self-Respect" Begins With Self
Visualizations Relating To Self-Esteem
Teach 100 Doctors, Help 10,000 People
Religious Conditioning And De-Programming
Inside Kung Fu Magazine Article, April 1987

Chapter #5 - Concerning Emotions
Reactions During "Hands On, Transfer Of Power"
Hands On, Transfer Of Power In A Nutshel
"Hands On" Is Not Fun, But Is Very Helpful
How I Developed My Energy Projection Ability
The 4 Categories Of A Students' Seriousness
Successful People From Al Walks Of Life

Chapter #6 - Human Possibilities
The 7 Basic Principles Of Wholistic Health
What To Expect When Converting To Vegetarianism
Symptoms Reflect Improving Your Health
The Chi Kung Internal Sensitivity Diet
Sinus Flushing - Blowing Your Nose At Drugs
Antibiotics Are Not "Harmless" Or "Wonderful"
Radio Show: Sexual Kung Fu With Paul O'Brien & GJC
Sex Without Orgasms: Chi Kung While Having Sex
Teaching Your Women The Taoist Sexual Technique
Keep Your Sexual Energy To Yourself
When Sleep Seems Like A Waste Of Time
Positioning Your Body While Sleeping
Dynamic Physical Presence and Awareness
Importance Or Impotence: The Choice Is Yours
Self-Containment: The Key To Consistency
Experience Stability Through Celibacy
More Concerning The Taoist Sexual Technique
How To Choose the Best Sex Partners
You Get Who You Are: No More, No Less
The Best Kept Secret: The Grand Finale

Chapter #9 - Specialty Applications
Do Mornings "Dragggg On" Forever
"Bad Choices" When Trading May Be Sugar Related
Chi Kung Wil Make You A Better Doctor
Chi Kung Wil Improve Your Technique
"Good Doctor" Or "Great Doctor" - Make The Right Choice
Improved Communication Skills Equals More Referrals
Your Patients Wil Notice The Difference
Low Self-Image: A Communicable Disease

Chapter #10 - Q & A Section
Inside Kung Fu Magazine Article, April 1989
Temple Style - A Tai Chi System Beyond The Form
Reader Registration And Response Form

I would like to express my appreciation to all my clients, students, and friends who have shared
themselves with me and stimulated me to create this book. I would also like to thank Elizabeth
Wirth for all her typing contributions and energy, without which this book would have taken
forever to complete.

I would like to acknowledge all my teachers for their "teachings and guidance" and for helping me
become who I am. Above al , I would like to thank LIFE for giving me the situations and the
ENERGY needed to help the thousands of people that have and wil receive inspiration from my
work and the words between the covers of this book.

Thanks to my special friends; Joseph Laronge, Gary Whitley D.C., Joe Kalal D.C., Dan Garvey,
Emerson Walls M.D., and to my X-wife, Lisa Mandel-Clyman for her constant love and support
when I needed it most (Yeah, right).

Dedication #1

This book is dedicated to the memory of my first teacher, my father, Dr. Clyde S. Clyman, who
taught me about life and how to live your life to its ful est. May his spirit and positive influence
inspire many people to be the best they can be, and more... Thanks Dad for teaching me for the
first 3 years of my manhood, ages 13-16. The last lesson I received from my father was, "Gar, if
you're not doing what you're suppose to do, you're not doing anything."

May my readers adopt the spirit behind his message.

Dedication #2

The purpose of this book is to pass on to any extent possible miracles, results, and positive
inspiration to my readers. I hope the vibrations attached to my work can be received by my
readers, absorbed from my writing and applied to your life. I am the first to combine a physical
energy cultivation technique with a modern self-improvement approach.

One of the goals of this work is to make you the best that you can be for now and to keep you
inspired and excited about being alive. I hope you wil continual y be referring to this book for
many different purposes and it wil help you get more ENERGY FOR LIFE.


The fact that you're here doesn't mean you are breathing, and the fact that you are living doesn't
mean you're alive.

This may sound strange.

Learn to live again.

Some people don't have dreams. Other people dream and think how fine their lives could be.
They don't change anything.

This sounds strange.

It is not true when adults think that they don't grow anymore. Some of them even shrink.
Growing is an exciting experience. Step by step there is nothing to be afraid of. The universe is

The bare thought of the undiscovered things and adventures in my life make me so excited that
my eyes shine and something restless fulfils my body that I can't wait to see tomorrow.

Frank Ranz
January, 1989



PERSONAL POWER TRAINING is a fast-paced training program designed to quickly release and
eliminate the negative belief systems that limit your personal growth. I teach you to cultivate the
energy you need to reach your new goals. I help you stay sharply in focus while working towards
achieving the personal and professional horizons you set.

These techniques are a concentrated yet concise form of methods found at the core of many of
the world's most potent mental disciplines. I wil present them in a new form to meet the needs of
professionals who want to change NOW.

PERSONAL POWER TRAINING wil , in an incredibly short time, teach you how to release and
eliminate negative habits, attitudes, and beliefs that place lifelong limitations on your personal,
professional, and financial growth.

Once your limitations have been examined and clarified, a two-stage process begins. The
achievement of any goal demands an abundance of energy:

1. Mental energy for concise clear thought, and
2. Physical energy for stamina.

Therefore the second stage of PERSONAL POWER TRAINING is Energy Cultivation. You wil
learn to generate internal physical energy on command.

The final thrust of PERSONAL POWER TRAINING is "Focus." You will learn how to focus
energy on any goal in a forceful new way. Survival habits: eating, sleeping, sexual drive, etc.,
are the strongest instincts we possess. This Personal Power Focusing technique brings to "non-
survival" characteristics (self-esteem, self-confidence, concentration and discipline) the same
level of intensity as your strongest survival instinct.

PERSONAL POWER TRAINING not only inspects your il usions and belief systems, but replaces
them with more applicable concepts that work, and brings immediate and long lasting results.

An Introductory Lecture
(This lecture was given in February, 1988)

There are 2 parts to PERSONAL POWER TRAINING:

Part one is the technique cal ed "Chi Kung" -- translated from Chinese, it means "Energy Work"
and the second part is called "Harnessing Your Vehicle." The system I teach is my own creation.

When I was taught, I had to go through the whole system to get the material I now teach first, in
the beginning. I have put together a technical system in a simple way, so people with no previous
experience or background can easily learn the practice.

Until this approach, learning and practicing were both difficult. Now learning is easy and
practicing is simple. I have put the system together in a format. I teach you to suck in energy
and then you start moving this energy around inside your body. Then you connect it with your
wants and needs, affirmations & visualizations. You then learn to propel or project this personal
mixture out and into the Universe. This action I have named "Impregnating the Universe."

The results each of my clients receive are very personal and specific. No two clients gain exactly
the same things. In advance, you wil learn the physical part because it is all rooted in the
physical body. In other seminars, it is mostly or entirely in the mind, but not in my work.

PERSONAL POWER TRAINING gives you enough immediate internal fuel to complete what you
want. The type of clients I accept are independent business people, commodity traders,
psychotherapists, Chiropractors, attorneys, medical doctors. I pick my clients very careful y.
That's why I get such amazing results with nearly all my clients, because I pick them right. The
kind of people that are referred to me are almost hand picked. They are successful already and
need some additional inspiration. If I had to give a one sentence definition of what I do, I would


I take the good things and magnify them and give my clients/students new tools for realizing,
minimizing, controlling, and eliminating bad traits and habits. The first step is to recognize a bad
trait or habit that doesn't work for you. When I work with a new client, I spend a lot of time talking
back and forth. In the beginning, many problems are very abstract or may even seem totally

People that are dissatisfied with the way things are and want to change things for the better,
come to me. Many of my clients don't know what they are coming to me for. Sometimes they
have done everything they can think of; some have been in therapy, using "a passive
relationship" with their therapist. Nobody has said: "Wham -- look at this!" I am about 95%
correct and do just that. This work is not for wimpy people. This is not therapy or instead of
therapy. It's more like "Success Counseling."

The reason I like working with commodity traders is that I can give them a tool and within a day
they can use it many times. It takes people other than traders a much longer time to use their
new tools. Traders use time differently. How much time does it take you to make a decision?

Commodity traders think in terms of minutes or even seconds to make a decision. I asked one,
"what is the longest amount of time you have to make a decision?" He said, "45 seconds." When
was the last time you had to make a decision in 10 seconds? The reason I choose traders is
because I can give them a tool, and they can make it work. Because of my work with traders, I
am able to harness the same relationship with time for "normal people."

My clients work with me on issues of self confidence, self-esteem and internal discipline. Self-
discipline is different. Internal discipline is thinking on your feet or being the same all the time,
developing consistency. It is different and much more specific as to emotional balance and
control. Without self-control where would we be? Or better yet, where are we?

So how do you link meditation to self-control? I usually don't use the word "meditation."
"Meditation" has many preconceived ideas attached to it (i.e., giving up, dispersing, leaving your
body, or even praying). I use an unconventional meaning for this word.

Just look at my logo; does it look as if it represents giving up anything or dispersing anything?
The energy center we use is Tan Tien (three inches below the navel and two inches in), because
that is where our power comes from and it is also our physical "center of gravity."

Some people have negative ideas and associations with the word "power." When you practice
"Chi Kung" the way I teach it, you suck energy in and accumulate it. Al your life you have put
energy out, and now, by using my technique, you can suck energy back in. There is energy al
around you and you can learn how to become an energy magnet. My technique teaches you how
to attract, cultivate, accumulate, circulate and project your energy.

How long does it take you to practice this? I have created what I cal "The Daily Practice
Routine." It ordinarily takes 30-45 minutes to run through. Many of my clients don't do the
practice the way I teach it -- they do 10-15 minutes, take a break and do more. They practice
everywhere they go. I have a Chiropractor friend/student (Dr. Gary Whitely), who practices al
day and uses "Chi Kung" combined with his Chiropractic technique.

It has made him a better, more proficient doctor. You can do it any way you want, any way that
works for you. I am the survivor of my generation and have practiced at least 25,000 hours. You
won't find anyone the same as me.

In 1983 I decided to re-organize the material, so "normal people" could practice the technique,
understand it and use it in their lives. So when you practice "Chi Kung," about 70% is done in a
sitting position -- on a chair, couch, cushion, etc., and the other 30% is done standing. Much of
the sitting is done "sitting stil ." When you practice, it is "physical practice" but the work is taking
place "inside the body," physical y.

This is not exclusively Martial Art -- anyone can practice "Chi Kung" regardless of age and
physical condition. You can use this as a curative or a preventative measure. Working with the
energy is an exciting and direct way of improving your physical, mental, psychological, and
spiritual state of being.

My weekend workshops take place once a month. Many people travel long distances to study
with me privately utilizing my "Special 2 Day Private Format." On day one, we go through
lessons l, 2, 3, and 4. The first 3 or 4 hours of the work are spent talking. I ask 3 things:

1. Who are you?
2. What do you do
3. What do you want from today?

When I hear people responding to those 3 questions, that is where I do what I do best.

What happens is my clients find out why they are doing something they do and in PERSONAL
POWER TRAINING they stop doing something that has been bothering them for years.

You learn the technical practice, first you go through lesson 1, 2, 3, and 4 -- these lessons are
very technical and specific. Cassette tapes review each lesson to make learning easier and less
stressful. Remember, learning should be easy and practicing should be simple. On lesson 5
there exists a self-correcting lesson, planned into the format. You put it all together into what is
cal ed "The Daily Practice Routine." You wil have a self-contained unit after completing

"The Gift" you wil receive from me, is a unique relationship with the technique and I help you let
all kinds of things out when I do my "hands on" stuff -- an actual energy transfer takes place. It's
cal ed "Hands on, Transfer of Power."

Many things change inside you, your emotions, your belief systems, your relationship with
emotional and physical pain, and even your spirit. How do you relieve "Spiritual Pain?" It has
been described as being "Born Again," but not in a religious way. I am sure you have done other
workshops, but with PERSONAL POWER TRAINING, you will get a lot more. What happens,
because of the changes each person goes through, you will see similarities in everybody and the
whole group is realizing many important things; (i.e., parental deprogramming, changes in your
relationship to money, and many other things).

The same kinds of things always come up.

Back to the "Hands on, Transfer of Power." What happens there happens because we spent 3-4
hours to change and define what we want to happen, when the "Hands on, Transfer of Power"
takes place, there are emotional and/or spiritual releases, and al kinds of things are transformed.
In one workshop, death issues came up and in a more recent workshop, a lot of abandonment
issues came to the surface. One child was put up for adoption 28 years ago and was still
carrying around the pain of this experience.

Our energy communicates many things to us. Because these things happen in the subconscious
and unconscious and mind, and you are learning a physical energy cultivation practice, every
time you practice, you reinforce the newly chosen traits or characteristics.

This is very exciting.

I gave up wanting to be a Chiropractor to do this! Are you saying you will dispel all? No, but a
very large percentage of it. There are 3 kinds of religious deprogramming -- you have Catholic,
Protestant and Jewish. Catholic is dealing with "Denial," Protestant stuff deals more with money
and deserving issues, like "The Protestant Work Ethic." We are stil holding something our
parents dumped upon us.

Protestant stuff holds you back. The Jewish stuff however, doesn't hold you back, but makes you
feel bad. Jewish stuff uses "Guilt." Everybody usual y fits into one of those 3 categories.

The real benefit of participating in PERSONAL POWER TRAINING you get a quick fix and then
get to support it when you practice "Chi Kung" for the rest of your life.

My father raised me in a way that "this seems the only thing for me to do." Most men come to me
because they don't have a real male role model. My father died when I was l6, but for the first
years of my manhood, he spent much time with me and we spent time talking. He set me up in a
positive way.

Most people don't have a support system that feeds them. Using PERSONAL POWER
TRAINING, you create your own support system - without needing any backup from other people.

Question: You mentioned you have several years training --- l4 years training.

A: I was one of the few people in my school who learned material.
The way I teach it, you can learn this system much quicker. This is the streamlined, 1990's
version of a Taoist monastery.

Question: Who was your teacher?

A: My Tai Chi master was Master Waysun Liao, and my primary Tai Chi instructor was Mike, one
of his top students. This is a sucking, manifesting, attracting, becoming an energy magnet, kind of
technique. My clients are not concerned with stress. If you are doing what you are supposed to
do, you should not be concerned with stress because it is automatically reduced. Stress
becomes a problem when what you're doing is not right for you.

Question: What has it done for you?

A: I have taken this material miles ahead and you can take advantage of my 25,000 hours of
practice, when you start. If I were a Chiropractor, I would have post-doctorate degrees in
orthopedics, radiology, etc. So I decided to take this material, "Chi Kung," and incorporate
affirmation and visualization techniques into it. When you learn it, it is as if you have spent years
doing it already. Have you ever been around someone that was able to pass this kind of
excitement or "Energy for Life" along to you?

In a recent workshop in Portland, Oregon -- to give you two specifics examples: There was a
woman who had just had a miscarriage; she wasn't in touch with this trauma, so when we did the
"Hands on, Transfer of Power," she completed the birthing cycle in PERSONAL POWER
TRAINING and we let her sleep for many hours. I cal ed her in the morning of the second day
and she was doing great. Prior to completing Day One, she was depressed and drained; she got
re-inspired prior to Day Two.

The second example is about an American Army captain in Vietnam who lost some fel ow
soldiers in l967, and for the first time in 20 years, he told his story. So I did the "Hands on,
Transfer of Power" with him and he let out energy that had been "blocked up" in his body for 20
years and now he is very happy and his life works much better.

One common thing I've found has been that most people are unhappy, and when we investigate
why, they don't have any real reasons to feel that way. They are unhappy because it is
convenient -- so understand that have a choice.

For this I have created "The Task/Reward Ratio." Here's how it works. You pick something you
are already doing, you want to keep it simple. I use a lot of "The KISS Principle" (Keep It Simple

You associate your task with whatever the reward is for yourself. One of my traders made a lot of
money last year, but when we first started working together, he was unhappy. Why was he
unhappy? He had no "real" reason.... so I told him to pick a task -- He did, "drinking a cup of
decaf coffee the next morning" and then he became happy; his happiness lasted a long time.

It is easier for you to get rid of your unuseful traits when you are conscious of them, then when
you are unconscious. I had another private client. His thing was, he felt confused. When
someone is confused, I call that "The Comfort of Confusion." Many of us act confused because it
is easier then doing what we know we are supposed to. What I do in "the work" is work; I let each
client know what their act is, what they are presenting to the world, and when they do, that they
are unable to get anything done.

When you realize that is what you are doing, it is appealing to create action and next time the
confusion (comes in, you can do something about it.

I have another client who is a trader - "the Reward" was to be revitalized - "the Task" was to wash
his hands and face. When he had completed his task, he was revitalized.

What happened with him is he had been a trader 5 or 6 years. When he would execute a trade,
he suddenly became terrified and would act as if he didn't know what he was doing. Recently, he
now trades in the pit - every time he walked into "The Merc," he would experience TERROR. So
when I did the "Hands on, Transfer of Power" with him, I went in and took that terror out.
Remember, this is "Energy Work" and I can encapsulate an energy problem and extract it intact.
His was the hardest on me. His wasn't maintained in anger, mental or emotional, - it was in his

I sucked it out and his eyes became alive again. So a lot of things happen in PERSONAL
POWER TRAINING WEEKEND WORKSHOPS and/or private lessons. Depending on your
personality and personal needs, the weekend format might be good to do, depending on what
you want to get out of it, or private instruction.

A form cal ed "The Personality Profile II saves us about 45 minutes and wil give you a clearer
idea of how precise our work together is. I ask the same questions to each person, because I
have found these tools work consistently.

What happens when you work with The Personality Profile II is, you find out that the things you
"LOVE" and "HATE" are related to each other. You can hate anything and some people have
strong reactions to the word "HATE." Me? The "loves" come out in anything - food, sex, feeling
whole, completing tasks, having self-esteem, doing a great job, feeling fulfil ed, feeling self-
contained, etc.

Some people put down that they "hate" riding on the El or starvation in Ethiopia. There is a right
side and a left side. Right side: world issues; left side - feeling complete, etc. My work is
concerned with left side -- your personal stuff. I believe that if you can't help yourself, you can't
do anything for somebody else, anyway.

Look at my logo... The technique teaches you how to suck in energy. I am concerned with
teaching you how to become "An Energy Magnet" and giving your body the ability to attract,
maintain and store its own energy. What you wil learn from me is how to cultivate the energy you
have already and how to get more.
Releasing the Tiger Within You

Charisma: could be natural or trained. When you practice this system, it wil make a big
difference. In other seminars, you usually forget what you got or who the trainer was. In
PERSONAL POWER TRAINING, you wil never forget what you got. Here, if you practice the
technique, you wil have more energy than you know what to do with. What you wil have are
tools that help you save a lot of time and wasted energy and feel as if you are doing "the right

Each part of PERSONAL POWER TRAINING is geared toward developing and upgrading a
person's self-esteem, self-confidence, personal power, and concentration abilities. The segment
of PERSONAL POWER TRAINING that makes it unique and different from every other training in
the market place is that in PERSONAL POWER TRAINING a person learns internal physical
energy cultivation exercises that stimulate and increase a person's sexual energy. When
referring to the term "SEXUAL ENERGY," I am not referring to what you are already aware of, I
am talking about a new type of energy. This energy is termed "JING" in Chinese, which means
cultivated sexual energy. The purpose of PERSONAL POWER TRAINING is not to have a
better, stronger sex life, although that does happen, it's about being more vital and alive.

The "sex drive" has been shown to be one of the strongest motivating forces available to us as
human beings. The sex drive ranks with such forces as the survival instinct, the fear of loss, and
the fear of death.

Rather than concentrate on the negative aspects of motivation, let us create a mechanism to use
for our own empowerment. PERSONAL POWER TRAINING contains techniques that wil enable
a person to create a response of the survival instinct in non-survival issues. Then a person can
and does become much more in control of his or her own internal and external environments.

The social implications of PERSONAL POWER TRAINING are far reaching. When a person
utilizes these concepts on a daily basis, every daily decision becomes much less threatening.
Making small decisions in a new and refreshing way is how to practice and get in shape for when
it is necessary to make big decisions. The application of this basic principle leads to what is
uniquely referred to in PERSONAL POWER TRAINING as "Releasing the Tiger Within You."

As a rule, daily stress and strain has been responsible for many of the negative traits we as
humans exhibit on a daily basis. And due to the prominence of many suppressive situations in
our modern lifestyle, we rarely operate from a position of strength. We usually find ourselves
reacting to some external stimulation or some recurring incident from our past, which might be a
recent incident, but is usual y an experience from our distant past.

In PERSONAL POWER TRAINING, many of these past incidents are discovered, and
reactivated. Then we are capable of a complete release.

This process is known as "retracing" and has been proved to be a valuable tool in erasing the
harmful effects of many of these stored experiences. After a person has retraced, we see a type
of cleansing that affects a person on all levels: mentally, physical y, emotional y, and spiritually.

This is where "Hands on, Transfer of Power" fits in. From that point on, a person who has
completed PERSONAL POWER TRAINING can view life from a new perspective, one of
confidence with a higher sense of self-esteem. When you view yourself as a powerful and secure
individual, the universe wil show you the respect you so rightly deserve. This concept is known
as "Commanding Respect vs. Demanding Respect."

The internal energy cultivation exercises taught in PERSONAL POWER TRAINING have their
roots in "Taoist Meditation" which is still practiced in a few monasteries in China. In ancient
times, these techniques were of great value in daily living conditions related to a threatened

However, in these modern times, we are not faced with the same forms of dangers as in the past.
Our new dangers are disguised. In this modern lifestyle we all live in, our dangers expose
themselves as daily stress and strain, such as suppressive working conditions, mis-
communicated love relationships, financial risks, risks of public life such as street violence,
environmental pol utants such as poor quality air and water, as well as terrible food. Expectations
from parents, lovers, and peers also add to many of our lethargic personality traits and habits.

When we realize more ful y that many of these traits and trigger responses can be eliminated by
simply exposing and willing them away in conjunction with the support techniques available in
PERSONAL POWER TRAINING, can we take charge of our own fate and destiny. We can make
"giant steps" towards mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual independence and self-
containment by utilizing the techniques available in PERSONAL POWER TRAINING.

What you wil get from PERSONAL POWER TRAINING is the ability to tap into your "Personal
Power" in a way that was unavailable to you previously.

PERSONAL POWER TRAINING wil prove to be one of the most positive and empowering
experiences of your life.


Doug Carter
San Diego, CA
January 1989

When I first realized that I had an opportunity to write a forward for Gary Clyman's new book, I
found myself thinking back on when I first heard about him. I was conducting an instructor
training conference for a well-known international training company. One of the instructor
candidates was an assistant Attorney General for the State of Oregon. One day he and I began
discussing how people become energized, that is "full of energy, excitement and personal
power." After a few minutes, the candidate looked at me and said, "Doug, you've just got to meet
Gary!," and so I asked him, "Gary who?"

He said, "Gary Clyman," and I replied, "So, who's Gary Clyman?" Little did I recognize at the
time how difficult it would be for anyone to describe who Gary Clyman is, or what he does.
Because as he so succinctly put it on numerous occasions, "I'm not who you think I am. This isn't
what you think it is, and it's different than anything you've ever seen, so don't try to put it in a
box." Based on the trust and respect I had for my instructor candidate, I agreed to attend a
weekend seminar.

Many of the things that occurred that weekend are in this book. You'll read about Gaye and her
miscarriage, and about the ex-Green Beret and his pent up guilt about leaving a young soldier
along a dike in Viet Nam. You'l have an opportunity to discover a lot about yourself and how you
react in the world around you. And if you're open enough, you'll discover techniques, and ways
for you to begin the process of "breaking out" of some of the bonds that are holding you back
from really being who you want to be. All I can suggest is, that you realize that what is in this
book and what Gary does is unlike anything you've probably ever seen or heard, although similar
to many things, but it's definitely different than anything you've ever experienced.

In order to really understand all the implications...

You've just got to meet Gary!Robert K. Dubiel
Chicago, IL

Gary's system represents a departure from conventional self-improvement modalities, in that he
focuses on body changes as well as on reforming habits of mind. Through the discipline of Chi
Kung, I, for example, have been able to consistently center my energy in the here and now, as
never before. In addition, I am developing the capacity to col ect this focused energy so that I
have a pronounced effect on my environment, just by being. This occurs whether I find myself in
formal positions of leadership or not.

An important principle: Energy which is focused has a stronger reverberation than diffused
energy. I am a professional trance channel and a teacher of metaphysical principles. Use of the
principles of Chi Kung has brought my spirit more firmly into my flesh. I am no longer hovering
around the fringes waiting to take off for a better plane. In my experience, Gary's practices are a
good antidote for excessive "crown chakra-itis" (too much concentration in other realms of
consciousness at the expense of the physical).

I do not feel that Chi Kung replaces spiritual y oriented systems for enhancing sensitivity or
strengthening channeling ability. However, I do find emphasis on Tan Tien (3 inches below the
navel and 2 inches in) very helpful in the quest of "knowing thyself."

Focusing on Tan Tien and on energy meridians throughout the body, is a good way to become
attuned to one's own "body wisdom." The body is very much connected to the Soul's larger
purpose, even when the intel ect is blocked. Through the practice of Chi Kung, one learns to
listen to the body sensations going on inside, and to use them in making decisions. This is a form
of listening to the inner self, the most valuable meditation tool there is.

Bernie Mizock, M.D.

The purpose of this "Perspective" is to instill inspiration in the future reader. Prior to this attempt,
oral teaching has been the only way to transmit these gifts of knowledge. There have been a few
moments in my life, during which I have become ful y awake and alive. Those few moments were
connected with some external catastrophe of some sort or another.

It was out of those few moments of aliveness, that I came to the realization that my normal state
of being is a "walking sleep." It has been possible to awaken to a sense of heightened aliveness
and energy by putting myself into a group conference, where intensive processes of interaction
gradually generated an elevated level of group energy and sensitivity. I have worked with
alchemical agents that have produced profound shifts in my level of consciousness.

Participating in the heightened attention of an operating room has also provided a source of
increased attention levels. Yet, in all of my searches, experiencing these heightened states of
energy, have always seemed to me to be contingent upon my proximity to a group process,
ingestion of an alchemical agent, fasting, or alteration of sleep patterns. It is now clear to me,
that a technology for transformation of consciousness exists and has always existed. It's
existence has been secret, because there are specific requirements that must be met for such
vehicles of transformation to be potent, rather than vapid, abstract ideas and philosophies.

The 2 basic requirements are 1) the contents of the discipline and 2) a capacity for energetic
transmission. That is to say, Gary, has the ability to teach the specific technique and has the
energetic capabilities to induce the student. Therefore, a clear understanding of the mechanical
steps in and of itself are not sufficient. However, in actuality to relation-ship with Gary, it is indeed
possible to achieve a "higher energetic state of awareness and physical presence."

It has been my experience that upon completion of PERSONAL POWER TRAINING, the ability to
condense energy does not diminish over time; and this, even if the daily practice in a formal
fashion is not done.

I feel extremely fortunate and appreciative to have experienced the transmission of "The Clyman
System" which has been so empowering for me. He is readily accessible and for those of you
who are ready to take this "Quantum Leap" in your energy levels, you wil enjoy this book and the
subsequent life challenges that await you.

Gary Whitley, D.C. S.L.C., UT

I first became acquainted with Gary Clyman in 1980, when he became a distributor of the
nutritional formulas that I and Dr. Lamar Rosquist formulated. Gary became interested and then
got very excited about determining his "own" nutritional needs. He became fascinated with the
uniqueness of our formulations and the results that he was getting for himself. He began testing
his friends and clients and got them on the formulas and they too were getting great results.

Over the next few years, Gary developed quite a fol owing of people who were looking for "better
health." But this is not where Gary Clyman's greatest talent lies, for Gary Clyman is a very gifted
Master in the arts of Tai Chi and Chi Kung. This is where the "true genius" of Gary Clyman really

Through his discipline of the past 15 years that he has been studying and practicing the ancient
arts of Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung, he has developed an incredible insight into the positive and
negative energy flows that people express through their behavior patterns. Gary can talk to you
for a few minutes and through "listening and observing" how you communicate with him, he can
determine your negative behavior patterns that you are totally unaware of. By helping you to
recognize these negative patterns that you have adopted, he can help you in al aspects of your

He then teaches you the art of Chi Kung or "Energy Cultivation" which provides The Power
through increased personal energy to make a clear break from the negative behavior patterns
that may be holding you back from living a total and successful life.

I went through this experience with Gary when I attended his PERSONALPOWER TRAINING
which he taught in Portland, Oregon about 2 years ago.

The reason I went to his seminar was to learn to become a better public speaker. I found out that
my problem related to public speaking was locked up in "self-defeating patterns" of behavior that
had become so ingrained that I wasn't even aware I had them. I hope this makes sense to you, it
certainly did to me.

During the seminar, I was asked to tel the group why I came and what I wanted to get out of it.
While I was expressing myself, Gary was able to pinpoint behavior patterns that I was using that
were negative and self-defeating and pointed them out to me and the group. It was a very
uneasy feeling to be put on the spot at the time, but it was extremely rewarding for me. Since
then, I have dropped those "negative patterns" and have become a much better communicator
with the people I speak to and more importantly, with myself.

Thank you Gary Clyman for your talent in this very important area of "The Human Experience,"
which so many of us don't know how to access by ourselves, but so deeply need.

Gary Clyman sent me a copy of his book entitled ENERGY FOR LIFE: MASTERING
PERSONAL POWER a few weeks ago. I have been very excited about the possibilities that it wil
open up for thousands of people just like me, who can benefit from the "truths" that Gary teaches.

This book contains some of "The Secrets of the Universe" and I would exhort you to read this
material with an open heart and mind and to practice the principles taught within its covers. In so
doing, you can become a "Master of Personal Power" in your own personal life.

I love you Gary, for the person you are and for the great contribution that you are making to
mankind by providing a book such as this for our use.

GOD has and wil continue to bless you abundantly for your years of dedicated service to
humanity and your sincere desire to help others to have a more meaningful life experience.
Joseph Laronge
Portland, OR

If I could talk about Chi Kung I would like to relate to you an incident in which I found, in a way
that I think was representative of the way Chi Kung has helped me in my law practice. It was the
fal of 1987 and I found myself sitting at a trial table. I was in the 4th week of a month long trial.
In fact, it was the longest trial of my career. It had been brutal.

I was up against 3 other lawyers just by myself. They really had a strategy for trying to wear me
down, before we got to the trial. About 3 weeks before, they just hit me with tons of papers that
required responses, answers, and a lot of attention so that I would lose some footing and some
momentum in approaching the trial. As the things moved along, it was real y a battle of wits and
endurance. On the last day of the 4th week of trial, I had a particularly troublesome "expert"

He was a Doctor of Finance from the East coast and was really sharp. It was a cross
examination of their witness. It was funny. I stood up. I was about to start this tense cross
examination. I picked up this water pitcher from the table I was using. You could just cut the air
with a knife. I mean, it had been that way the whole trial because there were 10 million dollars in
question. You could imagine people were pretty tense. So I picked up the water pitcher and I
went to pour the water.

The table was just filled with al these detailed notes and all that. The cap fell right off of the
pitcher and all the water just poured all over the table... you know right in front of me and on my
lap. Well the other side started laughing and it was kind of humorous.

What I found very interesting was, it didn't throw me at all. You know, I had spent the whole trial
practicing the things I had been training in Chi Kung. Every night I would be "Condensing,"
channeling my energy and in fact, one of the best things I was doing was taking the assaults that
the other attorneys were throwing at me and using them. You know, I could absorb what they
were doing and channel it for my own purposes. So when this happened and the water fell al
over the papers in this tense incident, I just laughed like everyone else and was really relaxed. I
just took the "add humor" of it that I was getting from the other side and just churned it into being
even more effective in the cross examination.

I could almost just feel it condensing into my bones and saying "I'm going to sink this down into
my Tan Tien, put it into the Earth, and send it send it back out, the way I want it to be." Wel , it
worked just that way. I was very effective against their "expert" witness. I mean, they were
shaking their heads. They could not believe the way things were going.

When the trial was over, I knew that I had done what I needed to do. I had kept my endurance. I
had been sharp and quick and never really lost a step.

I would attribute a lot of that to the mental, physical, and emotional stamina that I got from
practicing Chi Kung and of course, also to my many years of Tai Chi which act as a foundation
that gives my Chi Kung a place to blossom. So, it was a really enjoyable experience to see it in

GJC: Please explain a little bit about what does Chi Kung means to you? It's not just

I think that's an interesting question. You know, many years ago, in my 20's, I had come
across some of the Eastern philosophies, and although I had trained in the martial arts for many
years, meditation was very new to me then. It was not Chi Kung or the other things that I had
practiced then. I had found that while it was restful, it was more "up in my head."

It wasn't something concrete, that I could actually use or do something with. With Chi Kung,
when you really feel yourself getting control of parts of yourself, first of all, you didn't even know
exists and secondly, didn't believe you could ever have a handle on, you begin to feel a sense of
"POWER," and also a sense of connection to things outside of yourself. Instead of alienating and
separating you from other people and things, I think it connects you to "The Source" in a way that
you can feel your own individuality, at the same time feeling part of the system as a whole. And
that's very empowering.

Chi Kung opens you up a lot of options you didn't even know were available before you begin to
realize that your capacities as a person were really limited by your own belief systems. As those
belief systems change because you see the growth from your practice, what you can do
sometimes feels limitless. I mean your rational mind knows perhaps this is not so, but usual y
when you're practicing and trying to accelerate your energy beyond the speed of light, and sense
some of the things that are happening, and the results that you can produce, you, at least I, get
kind of an inner smile inside and say here's something that's real y worth while.

It allows me to make things happen. I would say, "that's what Chi Kung is."

Robert Fabino, Ph.D.

Learning to generate internal energy that can be available to a person as is needed involves the
highly complex coordination and relationship of mind, breathing, and physical movement. An
individual's ability to accumulate, cultivate, circulate, and distribute his or her personal internal
energy is positive, exciting, and powerful.

Chi Kung is an ancient art that can be found recorded in history over 2,000 years ago. It is an art
that has many purposes and provides many different benefits. Although it is still considered an
art - its techniques and applications have drawn the attention of the scientific community on an
international level.

Training in Chi Kung has been simplified and made easier to understand by Gary Clyman in
PERSONAL POWER TRAINING. This ancient art is effectively and positively presented in a
basic program that can be taught in 8 private weekly sessions, a weekend intensive format, or 2
days of private, one on one instruction.

Benefits of "The Training" for an individual are highly personal and developmental. Success in
the training of mental conditions will be determined and reflected in an individuals quality of
practice, commitment, and perseverance. Outcome of the practice and benefits can be seen
immediately and or developing over a period of time, with the Mutilization of the "Chi" as is
needed by the individual for their individual program. Change is an integral part of the practice.

PERSONAL POWER TRAINING is a fun way to participate in an action- oriented program.
Learning can be quick, the benefits are numerous and on-going.

George Krueger
Chicago, IL

I came to Gary Clyman in September of 1987. I had been taking some acupuncture treatments
from Dr. Joseph Kalal and he and I had a pretty good relationship. He told me exactly what I
should do. He said "go talk to Gary Clyman and have a conference about the prostate surgery
you are going to have." Prior to that, I received some very radical radiation treatments done to
me out at Fermilab. I was one of their "guinea pigs."

This was not traditional radiation. This burned my insides out. It did a real good job of it, but it
stopped the cancer that I had growing there.

I had a very "late stage" cancer, "first stage" being the easiest. I was a "third or forth stage" and I
was "terminal." They did a nice job on me on that, but it didn't completely take and I had the
surgery scheduled in March of 1988. Now I knew that I was going to have a lot of pain because I
had an extreme amount of pain before. You don't get away with that with cancer, it's a bad thing.
As I said, I was going to Dr. Kalal for another thing that wasn't related to my cancer, but he knew
what I had coming up.

He said, "Why don't you go talk to Gary." He said he had a weekend workshop set up where I
could learn a little bit more about controlling my pain.

It was the best move I ever made in my life. It was unbelievable. With what I learned, I had
complete control going into the operation. I wasn't worried about the operation at al . The anxiety
definitely was decreased, but you stil have that, but going into the operation, I just knew that I
had absolute control. I wasn't worried about it. God, you have to know that mine was a bad
thing, 6 hours and 15 minutes on the operating table.

An interesting thing, I don't know if it had anything to do with it or not. They anticipated a
"considerable blood loss." I had no blood loss. 6 hours and 15 minutes, they were operating.
They had me absolutely laid open.

I had no blood loss, transfusions, nothing along those lines. I would think that this particular
element of Tai Chi (Chi Kung) had me prepared for this.

I was just "ready." They were taking me into the prep room before the operation and I guess they
might have thought I was a little bit nuts. I was doing my thing while they were doing theirs. I
used my Chi Kung practice to be aware at the "going out" part of my surgery. I did my little thing
and it worked.

Gary had taught me a technique to use after the operation, for gathering my pain into my toe. I
probably had the sorest toe that anybody ever had, after the operation. I put all the pain right in
that damn toe, and I real y didn't have a bad time getting out of that.

If you can imagine, "late stage" prostate cancer; which had been burned. My insides, my guts are
burned, you know there's no question about that. Then I had this operation and that was a little
bad. You know all I have inside of me is scar tissue. It hurt and there's no question about the
aggravation connected with it. I don't have a normal set of guts. Al I've got is scar tissue and it's
extremely slow in repairing itself. I'm not a "usual" case, I'm a "bad" case. My guts just don't
exist, they're scar tissue.

So I had a pretty bad time recuperating. But again, if they would have left me alone after surgery,
I wouldn't have real y had too many problems. After the surgery, they gave me very, very heavy
doses of morphine, which I real y didn't need. They were just processing me through like a
normal patient. The morphine interfered with my own process of eliminating the pain. They didn't
understand. Finally, after a couple of days, I made them understand, I didn't need those
narcotics. It wasn't helping me any. It affected me and I didn't like it. Final y, I didn't know they
were going to do this to me. After a couple of days of the narcotics, I asked the nurse "What the
hell are they jamming into my sides?" Then she told me and I said "I don't want anymore of that,
I'l handle this myself." I did very wel after that, no problem. I had a lot of other problems, but
that wasn't one of them.

I'm a strong man, but Chi Kung made me much stronger. Really Gary, your technique made me
much, much stronger. My wife laughs at me. She thinks I'm a little bit of a kook, but she
understands, I'm able to handle things real wel .

My advice for other people is "take PERSONAL POWER TRAINING by all means." You know,
I'm really scared for other people. I just feel so sorry for people that are not as strong as I am that
have to go into something like this. I don't know what they can do. I feel so sorry for them. You
helped me and I'm strong to start with. I don't know what other people would do. Take it and
practice. Tai Chi (Chi Kung) has just been "super" for me.

You know, the operation put me out of commission for a year's time. Mine was very, very bad.
But I tell you, I can hardly wait 'til this summer when I can practice Chi Kung for my golf game. I
can hardly wait! You know that Azinger practices this for his golf, and I can hardly wait to do it for
my own. My game can be great again, or at least passable. You know, I'm not a young man.
When I went to Gary, I was 63. I'm 64 now and I'm looking forward to a lot of great golf.

Gilbert C. Carrol , M.D.

I am a physician and a scientist. Consequently, I concern myself primarily with what works and
then try to discover how it works. My wife and I first became acquainted with Gary through his
Tai Chi class. After 9 months of Tai Chi, my wife (also a physician) underwent Gary's
PERSONAL POWER TRAINING/Chi Kung. Her increase in vigor, effectiveness, and equanimity
were remarkable. Likewise her mood was uplifted generally. The changes were so profound, we
refer to it as her "transformation."

Next I began PERSONAL POWER TRAINING. Within 2 weeks, my work seemed less stressful.
I found new freshness and beauty in food, art, and music. People became more amusing to me.
My sexual interest increased.

As my practice continued everyone - even my opponents - seemed to treat me with more respect.
Conflicts were resolved more quickly and amicably.

These changes have persisted for months now. I believe they wil be maintained indefinitely.
The above is a partial account of what happened. My own ideas regarding the mechanism of
how it happened are not important. Suffice it to say, I think the explanation for all of my
experiences can be translated from Chinese mysticism into Western formulations based upon
biophysics and neurobiology.

Gary has begun to develop an American version of an effective technique for self-improvement
based on Tai Chi/Chi Kung. His method has many elements based not only on experience, but
also on guess work and intuition. With time, I think he will discard what is ineffective, extraneous,
or incorrect, and focus and refine what is effective.

Hopeful y more systematic investigation by him and others wil continue to develop what he has
begun: a new science of coping.

Lou Buscemi
Natick, MA 12/88

I had been studying Tai Chi for over 9 years and Chi Kung for about 5 years before I met Gary
Clyman. The 5 years before I met Gary was a living hel . I was having severe, adverse reactions
since beginning Chi Kung work. As I inquired more about Chi Kung, I found many discrepancies
in each system and between systems. I never got a straight answer from anyone.

In theory, al the books and experts had the ultimate system, but in practice all were unreliable. It
was not fun being in a state of psychic shock. I had heard of Gary several years before I actually
met him, and when I saw his ad, I remembered he had come highly recommended several years
earlier. Gary Clyman was the first person in all the years I have been in living hel to understand
what I told him. This is in itself an accomplishment.

His reworking my knowledge of Chi Kung has changed my life dramatically. My questions were
completely understood and answered clearly and ful y. He is the first one to demystify, simplify,
and put it into a practical, usable, safe, and effective form, Chi Kung.

During the "living hel era," I had been having severe adverse reactions since I began practicing
Chi Kung. I was having headaches, severe itching, and I could hardly eat any foods without
having these side effects. Since learning Chi Kung with Gary Clyman, I can now eat whatever I
want, whenever I want to, without any trouble as before. According to all the doctors,
acupuncturists, Chiropractors, herbalist, psychic healers, you name it, none of whom helped me
in the slightest, the symptoms of my previous Chi Kung side effects masked themselves in 2
major ways. The first was as having hypoglycemic reactions to nearly everything I ate and the
second was appearing as if I had a severe case of Candita Albicans (Systemic Yeast Infection).
Now I can eat anything I want to; everything I was told was bad for me, without worrying about or
having any problems.

I've got no fear of food anymore. I now have a safe and understandable Chi Kung system to
work with and my life has dramatically changed for the better by it. This practice makes me feel
stronger than I have ever felt. I would say The Clyman System is The Coca Cola of Chi Kung,
An American Original, The Real Thing.

Larry Michalski
Des Plaines, IL

I've been involved with various martial arts styles and systems over the last 12 years. I came to
Gary 20 months ago in search of a quality Tai Chi Instructor, which, by the way, is extremely
difficult to find. At the initial interview, I was immediately impressed by Gary's excel ent
communication skills, honesty, and patience in understanding the student's needs and
perspectives. He's an impeccable Tai Chi Master who sweats the details and loves the Art.

Shortly after I began to build a solid Tai Chi foundation under his guidance, I became aware of
Gary's other activities and interests, along with his workshop, PERSONAL POWER TRAINING .
He takes ancient Taoist, Tai Chi, and Chi Kung practices, then strips them of their mystical
shrouds through clear explanations and practical exercises.

After 8 months of Tai Chi, I took PERSONAL POWER TRAINING which created (and is
creating) a new me! It not only has eliminated past negative belief systems and energy
blockages, but sensitizes me to present ones before they can manifest themselves. More
importantly, I replace them with "seed ideas" of a positive and creative nature. Only the "best
dressed" thoughts are admitted.

"The Clyman System" isn't some mystical-etheric bul -jive, but rather is rooted in a condensed
and unified mind, body, and spirit. It's taught me to focus my energy, increase my self-esteem,
seed future realities, recognize and develop latent creative abilities, and improve my health and
virility. It's a tool that becomes geometrically more effective the more one develops it. It's been
11 months since PERSONAL POWER TRAINING and I feel it's the perfect intermeshing
compliment to my Tai Chi practice.

Gary stil proves to be the most perceptive teacher to ones "real" needs that I've ever met. He's a
fluid, but structured Master of Practical Life that unselfishly shares his knowledge and experience;
whose enthusiastic attitude is contagious.

Choosing A System

People are constantly striving to raise the quality of existence at every level, whether it be in
relationships, occupations, or favorite hobbies. People utilize different approaches to realize
improvement at these different levels. Choosing the correct approach for you can be a difficult

This section is directed at helping you choose the system and teacher that best suits your
personal needs. Much confusion